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Information for Parents

TitaniaParents, please review this carefully.

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Talk to Your Child
  • Every parent knows itís a good idea to talk to their child about their online activities.
  • Your child is posting information for strangers to see online. Ask to see your child's ExcellentEmperors.com Member Profile to help ensure that they have not included any inappropriate content.
  • Go over ExcellentEmperors.com's Safety Tips with your child.
ExcellentEmperors.com is an online community. Members can adopt a virtual pet and interact with other Members.
Who can join ExcellentEmperors.com?
ExcellentEmperors.com is open to anyone 13 years of age and older.
Is ExcellentEmperors.com appropriate for teens?
ExcellentEmperors.com's Terms of Service require that all Material is PG-13. Although we attempt to monitor Material submitted to ExcellentEmperors.com and it is assumed that all Members abide by the Terms of Service, there is no guarantee that all Material submitted is PG-13.
Does ExcellentEmperors.com cost money?
Membership is free. All areas of ExcellentEmperors.com are free, and Members will never be charged money or asked for billing information unless they purchase site merchandise or special Premium Royals.
What are Premium Royals?
Premium Royals are virtual pets that are not available for free. New Premium Royals are released each month and are available only during the month they are released. Premium Royals cost $2.25 each. Under the Terms of Service, Members cannot sell their Premium Royals to others for real money. Purchases of Premium Royals are accepted by PayPal. Members are under no obligation to purchase Premium Royals.

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