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TitaniaHere you can learn about the different occupations a Royal can have.

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Beginning as an Earl or a Countess, a resourceful and athletic Royal may find that being a Hunter can be quite rewarding. Along with his or her pledged allies, the Hunter will join or form his or her own hunting parties, set forth on expeditions, and devise and coordinate diving and surfacing strategies. Royal game consists of fish, crustaceans (shellfish) and cephalopods (mollusks, like octopus and squid). Although hunting is often done in groups, each Hunter should focus on his or her own skills of dexterity, strength, knowledge and perception.
A social Royal may prefer the art of diplomacy as his or her chosen occupation. As a Diplomat, he or she must learn to subtly and skillfully handle any social situation. It is never too early to begin honing diplomacy skills. Even as a young Chick, a Royal, aspiring to be a Diplomat, may begin to form alliances with others. Once elevated to an Earl or a Countess, a Diplomat may join hunting expeditions, banquets and social gatherings in order to meet other Royals and form even more alliances. Although diplomacy is by nature a group effort, each Diplomat should focus on his or her own skills of strength, knowledge and perception.
Starting as a Duke or a Duchess, a Royal may choose to offer services as a Nanny to parents and owners who need assistance in taking care of their children. It is best that the Nanny is an experienced parent with children already grown. The Nanny may offer to take care of a single Egg or an entire crθche (group of Chicks). Until the parents or the owner returns, it is the responsibility of the Nanny to feed the children regularly, as well as, to protect them from the cold and any predators that maybe lurking about. Although caring for children is a shared effort, the Nanny should focus on his or her own skills of strength, knowledge and perception.
Diving – Ability to dive over 1,800 ft in depth. Hunting – Ability to catch fish, crustaceans and cephalopods. Dodging – Ability to dodge attacks of Leopard Seals and Orcas.
Walking – Ability to waddle for long distances. Swimming – Ability to swim as if flying through the water, and hold breath under water for up to 20 minutes at a time. Sliding - Ability to toboggan or belly slide.
Preening – Ability to use bill to preen feathers and, for waterproofing and insulation, to distribute oil that is secreted from a gland near the base of the tail. Strategizing (Hunting) – Ability to coordinate diving and surfacing strategies for hunting. Strategizing (Diplomacy) - Ability to strategize diplomatically and socially to form alliances. Child Caring – Ability to feed, protect and care for children. Communicating – Ability to communicate with Royals, as well as, other species such as Southern Giant Petrels and South Polar Skuas.
Persuading – Ability to influence the beliefs and behavior of others. Commanding – Ability to lead by compelling the behavior of others by force of will. Sneaking – Ability to establish advantageous hunting positions without detection.

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